How to disable ‘Get Office’ in Windows 10

Got that annoying ‘Get Office’? Here is a quick and simple way to disable it.

  1. Click start
  2. Click Settings (Cog)
  3. Click on System (Should be the first one)
  4. Notifications & Actions
  5. Get Office – Change this to off
  6. Click on start again
  7. Right click on Get Office
  8. Uninstall

Look at that only 8 steps. Now you should no longer be bugged to get Office 365.


Why did they add this to Windows 10? – They added them to Windows 10 to advertise to ‘you’ (You being all of us, in this case). You may also notice other applications such as ‘Candy Crush’ being advertised. (We will cover this at a later date.)

Where are these notifications coming from? – You can dismiss the notifications when they appear, however they will keep coming back in the future. These notifications aren’t actually system notifications. Instead, they’re notifications provided by a specific application.


Feel free to leave any comments or questions below!


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