My Longest Repair

I have had a laptop since October 2016 (Now February 2017). It came in for a damaged screen. I contacted Samsung and had them ship me a replacement. At first, they refused to source the part as the laptop was from 2011 but I got it from them! Whilst it was on its way I tested the laptop with my testing suite and everything passed. The customer was going to re-purpose the laptop so I applied Windows 10 Pro 1607 with Microsoft Office, Mozilla Firefox and Avast. Prepped it and waited for the replacement screen to arrive.


It arrived and I fitted the screen, went to boot and … Nothing. No power. I reseated the RAM, and still nothing. Removed the HDD, nothing. Swapped to screen back, nothing. Removed the top plate and reseated the power button, nothing. I removed the battery, nothing… Get the theme here?


I managed to get it to work by unplugging the charger and pressing the power button ten times, plugging the charger in and pressing the power button ten times and repeating that again two more times and then it powered on. I got it to the BIOS and then rebooted to my testing suite. Putting the focus on the RAM and motherboard. Everything passed 10 times. Powered it off and left it for a day. Attempted to cold boot and… You guessed it, nothing. Repeated everything I did above and this time it did not work. Told the customer what has happened and refunded them the cost of the screen, OS and Office cost, at this point, the customer told me to “keep it”. I put the laptop in storage for 3 months and I thought I would see if it works. IT POWERS ON!!! It has been two weeks now and it powers on from warm and cold boot without an issue. Yesterday I thought I would run HDD regenerator to see the condition of the HDD and it has bad sectors. I’ve managed to find a fault. I had a look for a replacement HDD with the same model, I will not pay £58 & £8.99 for shipping for a 640GB HDD.


Right now it is attempting to repair the HDD 48.63% and 550 bad sectors. I may update this at the end with the results.


Thank you for reading.


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