My Longest Repair

I have had a laptop since October 2016 (Now February 2017). It came in for a damaged screen. I contacted Samsung and had them ship me a replacement. At first, they refused to source the part as the laptop was from 2011 but I got it from them! Whilst it was on its way Continue reading “My Longest Repair”


How to transfer Windows license

This weekend I changed my motherboard and as you may know, this can invalidate your Windows licence.

Here is a simple guide on transferring your license to the new machine. Continue reading “How to transfer Windows license”

How to disable ‘Get Office’ in Windows 10

Got that annoying ‘Get Office’? Here is a quick and simple way to disable it.

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Fixing Windows OS issues like a PRO!

Does your OS not feel right? You click on a menu and nothing happens but yesterday it was fine?

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